Veterinary Industry Video Production

Ceres Productions is not only passionate about video, but also pets and animals.  It should come as no surprise, as the business itself is named after the founder’s spotty dog!  To that end, we have strived to foster a good working relationship with all those who work with and on behalf of pets and animals.

We are the official media partner for the Friendly Future Group and their upcoming flagship website, Pet Friendly Future, which offers free information on positive pet ownership, from choosing the right pet, to training, dietary and nutrition advice, grooming, and veterinary care.

We have also worked with a number of veterinary practices to promote their services and impart preventative care advice to owners through the medium of video.  We have filmed a number of veterinary seminars and conferences, recording the live presentations so that both attendees and presenters can review the information post-event.

Ceres Productions has worked alongside a number of pet rescue groups and animal shelters, both in the UK and abroad, to promote pet rehoming, volunteering, and reduce the number of abandoned pets and unwanted litters.  We have worked closely with Corfu Donkey Rescue to create a number of short videos to help build awareness on the plight of the working donkey.

Services related to the veterinary industry and other animal welfare groups that Ceres Productions offer include:

  • High-end video content for promotional, educational, informational purposes
  • Conference, event & exhibition filming
  • Filming lectures, talks, seminars, & CPDs for future referral & attendees post-session
  • Product launches & awareness campaigns
  • Award shows
  • Testimonial videos
  • Training sessions & live demonstrations

Veterinary Industry Video Production

If you own a veterinary practice, offer pet-related products and services, or run an animal shelter, please feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help you.