DVD Authoring and Duplication Services London

Alongside our video production and editing service, Ceres Productions offers a DVD authoring and duplication solution that aims to provide high quality DVDs with printed disc surface enclosed in a case of your choice. As an optional extra, we offer a DVD wrap with your own design or one that can be designed for you in-house.

We offer our clients this service as a perfect end-to-end solution for them, so that once we have filmed and edited their video we are able to build a professional DVD menu with chapters, and can provide a number of DVD copies as part of a total production package.

We recognise that there are numerous CD/DVD duplication services available online, providing good value for bulk orders of 300+ copies, and are not looking to compete in that market. This more bespoke form of DVD creation, which encompasses not only DVD authoring and duplication, but also DVD menu design, is geared more toward a maximum of 200 discs at a time.

As a guide to pricing, we charge the following for DVD authoring and duplication services outside of any video production package:

  • £3.25 per DVD on orders of 25 – 100 copies
  • £2.75 per DVD on orders of 76 – 200 copies
  • additional costs for jacket design & printing
  • pricing includes an optional paper DVD sleeve per disc
  • additional costs for clamshells or DVD cases
  • additional costs for secure postage

Please contact Ceres Productions direct by phone, by email, or by following the link at the top-right of this page, to request a personalised quote for any DVD building, copying, printing, or disc duplication for up to 200 copies as part of a video production package or as a stand-alone DVD authoring and duplication service.