Documentary Video Production: London & the South-East

At Ceres Productions, we love to tell stories.

Finding the human angle can sometimes be a challenge (especially when your subject is a penguin, as has happened to us). But it’s a challenge that we revel in.

From sports video production to nature and wildlife filming, from staged police re-enactments to filming remote-controlled cars under UV light, we’ve covered a rather large and varied slice of life on film, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

We also understand that, as with creative video productions such as short films and music videos, getting finance for a documentary video production can be difficult, to say the least. And because we so enjoy to be part of a good story, we are happy to offer a production rate that would be hard to match anywhere else.

Feel free to check out our ‘story’ on our video production rates page, and then get in touch so we can help to tell yours.

Selection of Recent Documentary Film-Making Credits:

‘The Working Donkey’ Documentary Video Production & Editing Friendly Future
‘Dog Shelters of Corfu’ Documentary Video Production & Editing Friendly Future
‘No Machines’ Mountain Biking
Director of Photography
2nd Unit
Kite Films
‘Extreme Brawl’ Camera Operator & Editor BME AV
‘Popbang’ Artwork Commissions Video Production & Editing BME AV

Documentary Video Day Rates

  • DOP w/o kit: £400 p/d
  • DOP w/ kit: £500 p/d
  • Video Editing: £300 p/d
  • Asst Director: £350 p/d
  • Production Co-ordinator: £350 p/d

Above rates applicable only with in-house kit.