About Us:

Ceres Productions, based in London, was launched in 2010 and has been producing high quality video solutions for corporate, live event and creative markets ever since.

Our client-base covers businesses, both large and small, to events and conference authorities, even to other video production companies that outsource to us because of our in-house equipment and ability to come up with creative video solutions.

Our video production and editing experience covers a wide range of film production: from corporate, promotional and web video content to event and exhibition filming. We also specialise in both creative and documentary film-making, including short films, music videos and live gigs.

We own a large selection of professional video equipment, and whilst we are able to draw upon a diverse group of professionals in the creative industry to supplement our work, much of what we do – from pre-production through to post-production – is done in-house.

With every year now, we’ve seen Ceres Productions grow from strength to strength: In the past year alone, we’ve filmed a series of presentations for the Political Studies Association at the British Library; shot and edited multi-camera events for the PMO Conference, Women into Leadership EventUX Conference, and ORC International; live vision-mixed graduations for the London School of Economics and Bedford University; covered major corporate events and award shows in Dubai, Istanbul and New York; as well as securing a number of multi-national companies as regular blue-chip clients.

So whatever your budget, whether your needs are great or small, please give us a call to find out how our services and our wealth of experience might benefit you. We take great pride in the work we’ve done, and are truly passionate about all kinds of film.

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