Event Filming & Webcasting in London


If you’re considering video filming for your upcoming event or conference, there are a number of mutually inclusive options that you may wish to explore, for which Ceres Productions is well placed to help you with:


Why not project a high quality video image of your keynote speaker and/or panel direct to a screen with the use of one or more HD cameras?  These live images can be mixed with PowerPoint presentations or previously filmed video footage to project a seamless flow of live-feed video and slides throughout your event. Speaker names, presentation titles, and other required text can be layered over the projected footage, while secondary cameras can pick up the audience during Q&A sessions, though it would be recommended that a notice be placed outside the main doors stating that event filming will be taking place.


Live-stream your conference or event on the web, thereby opening it up to a global audience. If this is an option that appeals to you, it is highly recommended that you be able to predict the level of viewership you would expect ahead of time and to ensure that the venue where the event filming will be taking place has both high speed internet access and the facility to provide a dedicated port for the live-stream. A second port dedicated for backup is also recommended.

Event Filming for Promotional & Review Purposes:

Record the live mix of cameras and slides and/or just the cameras separately, to be used in conjunction with testimonial videos and other general shots of the event for promotional purposes, for resale, or simply for review. The recorded live mix could be provided to you directly at the end of the event and any promotional edits or extended cuts can be arranged for completion within days of the event filming.

In order to ensure the event filming runs smoothly, it is advised that access to the venue be provided to the crew well ahead of time. This is especially important when it comes to webcasting, as a check of the broadband speed is absolutely vital and should take place at least one day prior to your event. You may have arranged for the in-house AV at your venue, or sourced your own AV, to cover your sound and lighting requirements on the day. Either way, to ensure a good sound-feed is received for the video recording and to check the connectivity of the projection switcher, it is important that key contact points are relayed for both the AV and the venue to those providing the video production service.

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