Examples of Our Corporate Filming Work


Corporate Package # 1:

Price: From £500

This video for Scandinavian Direct was shot & edited in one day.  While the script was prepared by the client prior to the shoot, we provided some much valued advice on ways to improve it to make it more concise and targeted to their core market.  The client provided the cast to perform in front of camera, and because they used one of their customers’ venues for the shoot, they were able to get two wonderful testimonial videos at the same time, and all within their budget.

End Cost to Client: £500


Corporate Package # 2:

Price: From £700

This video took one full day to film and one day to edit.  The client brief was to get a flavour of the event, along with interviews with presenters and delegates, in order to promote their event for the next year.  The whole process went entirely smoothly and the outcome was that when this – the rough draft – was delivered to them, the client was entirely satisfied to keep it as it was.  A thoroughly enjoyable event and experience for all.

End Cost to Client: £700


Corporate Package # 3:

Price: From £900

This is just one of five videos that was produced for this surgery as part of the corporate package, the other four videos being procedural videos.  Edits of all five videos were provided with sub-titles for their TV in the reception area as well as being supplied without sub-titles for the web.  While the cost of the five videos would have come in at £950, the sub-titling of all five videos brought the cost up by a relatively small amount.

End Cost to Client: £1,050 for 5 videos


Corporate Package # 4:

Price: From £1,300

This video was produced for the London School of Economics, for their TEDx 2014 Event.  Three HD cameras (2 locked-off, 1 roaming) captured the event, and the footage was then edited and provided to the client as a series of 13 separate videos, of which this is an example, incorporating presentation slides as requested.  While the additional third camera would ordinarily have incurred an extra charge, owing to the educational nature of this event the price was kept at the base-rate.

End Cost to Client: £1,300